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        Although I did not have a very good individual honor, our Tanghu Middle School finally won the first place in the group. And the next competition will be held in our Tanghu Middle School. My biggest feeling is that you have to be very well prepared. We made some technical mistakes because we were not prepared enough. But at the end of the day it’s not about the result; it’s about enjoying the process. At the same time of improving our ability of thinking and logic, we also improved our oral English. Finally, I want to thank the teachers who guided us. They are the real winners.
        I’ve never been in a competition like this before, but this time it even shocked me. In other words, I surprised myself. In the past, I was not good at debating and I was afraid to speak in front of people. But this experience makes me feel that I have surpassed myself, which is my biggest harvest. What makes me most happy is that all of us have won glory for the class and the school. In fact, before the competition, we were very nervous and not well prepared, but the teachers always encouraged us and let us have more courage to face it. I want to thank all the teachers who helped us succeed.
        I’m happy to be able to make myself a good debater. I think it’s inseparable from my partner’s cooperation. This competition is also a new experience for me. As a senior high school student without debate experience, I cherish such experience. In fact, for me, in addition to improving my English ability, I also gained more precious friendship.
        We are very pleased with this result. Though we only have two days of preparation time, fortunately, our team of four students are very active. And we learned from each other. The teachers also gave us a lot of help. Finally we achieved very good results, and, more importantly, we all learned a lot in this process, more willing to express our opinions in the public, also exercise our spoken English. My biggest feeling is never self-belittling. Do not have a try, how to know we can not! Hope in the future on behalf of Shuangliu District competition can also be a smooth journey!

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