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        TMS Halloween 2018 report

        Class 3, Grade 8. Su Ziyi/文、图

          Halloween is a favorite time of year for many students in some foreign countries. They dress in costumes, the schools have games and activities to celebrate the holiday. In China, Halloween is not a very well known or celebrated day. So our foreign teacher Avery decided to bring a little Halloween spirit to studengts for a second time.
          He enjoys sharing Canadian holidays and festivals with the students. The students seem to appreciate it and enjoy the effort he put into sharing these things with them. After last year being such chaos, he decided to make some changes this year, and it appeared to confuse many students. He made the students form a line and come to him one at a time before he would hand out any candy. This year he was also able to set up in a spot easy for both Junior 1 and Junior 2 students to find him.
          Following the tradition in Canada, he told all students they had to say “trick or treat” before he would give them a treat. For many students it was their first time saying “trick or treat”, and he was happy to help them get the phrase correct before he handed over the candy. Having handed out candy to the Junior 2 students last year, some of them helped the Junior 1 students if they were confused. It is nice to see students helping each other like this.
          We asked a student to write what he thought about this Halloween event at Tanghu Middle School. He wrote:
          “Today is Halloween!! My favorite English teacher – Avery – is very friendly to students. In the afternoon Avery stood in front of the teaching building. He was handing out candies. At that time we were surprised and realized it was Halloween, so we said ‘trick or treat’ to him, he gave us some candy. He was funny because he was dressed as ‘The Hulk’. I think he likes students because he usually makes us laugh. Thank you, Avery“
          Class 3, Grade 8. Su Ziyi

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