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        See You Again: English Corner (13)

        Christiana /文、图

          TANGHU MIDDLE SCHOOL, TUESDAY-----Despite the middle exam is around the corner, the enthusiasm on English corner of students remains high. Many students joined in the activity at 6:40 pm. All of them played an active role in their part.
          The topic for this week’s English Corner is “HOW DO YOU THINK OF THE TRADE WAR LUNCHED BY AMERICA AGAINST CHINA RECENTLY.” In order to make more students involved in discussing, Avery also gave two alternative topics “HOW IS YOUR TOMB-SWEEPING HOLIDAY” and offers some English books to read.
          All the students started to complete their task as soon as they chose their topics.
          Two students read the book OPTIMUS PRIME VERSUS MEGATRON and OPERATION AUTOBOT.
          And other students were quickly devoted themselves in writing their opinions about the two given topics. On the topic of the trade war, almost all students didn’t think it was a good thing. The reasons they gave are as follows:
          1)Trade war will affect fair and free international trade, which will bring harmful effects on both countries.
          2)Trade war will influence the friendly communication and exchange among people in two countries.
          3)Trade war will make the prices of some products higher, which will decrease the sense of happiness in both countries.
          Besides, they also shared their views about why US started the trade war against China. Some students said because the economy of China keeps increasing while that of US is not optimistic. Some students said Trump want to bring more jobs to Americans. What an active and heated discussion.
          Moreover, some students shared their holiday. A student told us he took part in the Model United Nation Club, and they hold a model meeting during his holiday, from which he believed that he had learnt many knowledge. And another student excitedly shared his vacation in Nha Trang in Vietnam which he wanted to visit again.
          In order to stimulate students’ enthusiasm and participation, Avery gave every student who shared his or her ideas a candy as reward.

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