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        See You Again --English Corner(12)


          We asked the students to discuss what they know about gun control in America. I also asked them to discuss anything they know or feel about gun control in other countries including China.
          The students all discussed how they felt about the current gun laws in America. All the students talked about how dangerous it can be in America. They were quite surprised when I told them that schools in Canada and America do not have gates with security to go through. Some schools have metal detectors to go through, but these are schools in bad areas of America. I do not believe there are many of these schools in America. I do not know of any schools like this in Canada. When I was in school, we could bring knives to class, because no one would ever consider using the knife to hurt someone.
          They discussed many different reasons why they think Americans own guns. They were very thorough in the discussion. I believe they covered most of the reasons I have heard people talk about on American TV.
          Most students talked about the dangers of owning a gun. They discussed how guns are used to hurt people in American and around the world. The biggest reason for owning a gun, is that people believe it is the best way to protect yourself, your home and your property. I added to that by saying that after people have been attacked or robbed, many people feel that owning a gun is the only way they feel safe again.
          All the students agreed that guns have become an escalating problem in American. But they also agree that this a problem that has a solution. They had a difficult time understanding how the government is so “liberal” with gun laws, but so strict on some other things. With the Chinese government being very strict about guns, it was a little difficult to see things from the Americans point of view. Which is good, because I believe that gun control should be much stricter in America. They told me the only people allowed to carry guns in China are the military / army and special police. (in Canada, all policemen carry guns)
          Some students talked about Americas “need to improve their gun laws”. There are news stories that talk about how easy it is for people to acquire guns legally. Then I told them it is not very difficult to get a gun illegally in America, and that was even more shocking to them. (I wish this was not true, but it is true)
          One student commented “that it would look cool to own a gun.” I thought this was an interesting statement. But not an incorrect one. Many people on the internet take photos of themselves with guns. A second student mentioned that guns “have been used in racial discrimination in the past.” , Which is very true, not a good thing, but very true.
          They talked about how impressed they were that high school students were standing up to the government. I told them that people in America and Canada listen more when “School Kids” protest. Especially when it is about subjects like this one. When the answer is so simple, but the government does not seem to listen. Some people will never listen to the protestors. Now more people are listening, because the children have gotten involved. Hopefully they come to the right decision. Whatever that may be.
          A little history about guns in America and the NRA. (political corruption)
          I told them about the money that the NRA (national rifle association) “donates” to the elected officials, so they can get re-elected next time. It costs a lot of money to get elected in America, so these groups give money to politicians, to keep their friends in government. I did not tell the students about the NRA hosting “educational seminars” and “focus groups” in exotic locations. (in beautiful countries) These are free trips that government employees get, so they will vote for less gun control. This is buying a politicians vote, without giving them money, most people know about this, but it’s not technically illegal. So they get away with it.

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