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        See you again ------- English Corner(1)

        Zhang shuyao

          It was my first time to take part in the English Corner this term.
          New term, new topic. Today’s topic might be most students’ favorite-------A person you admire who passed away.
          The only person who appeared in my mind is the singer of Lincoln Park, Chester Bennington. I love the band very much. Almost all my favorite English songs are sung by them.
          when it was the time for other students to share, I heard many familiar names. Many of them are famous people in China like Qu yuan, Mao Zedong, Dufu, Li bai, Bruce Lee, and some are famous people in foreign countries like Thomas Edison, Charlie Chaplin, Audrey Hepburn and Madame Currie. All of these people contributed a lot in different fields.
          There was a classmate who had the same choice as mine. She shared some information of the Lincoln Park, I could tell more, but there was no more time for my show. So I take this opportunity to share my admiration for Lincoln Park.
          The Lincoln Park is an American band with a singer, Chester, a bass player Phoenix, a guitarist Bradford, a drummer Rob. I love the singer but he suicide in 2017. The reason for his suicide as he said once is to escape from this dirty world. Before he become famous, a close friend helped him a lot. However, this friend died of some disease, which causes great and unbearable pain to him. He thought, my friend had offered a lot of help to me, but he got nothing return from me.
          Several years later, Chester chose to leave this world. And he chose the day of his friend’s birthday to say “good-bye” to this world.
          After his death, this brand has almost disbanded. And no more information was spread to China.
          When I left the classroom, my mind was filled with the Lincoln Park. I sincerely hope that everything will do no harm to you in the Paradise, Chester!

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